Hello and Welcome

My name is Jim and I shoot photos and video.

I discovered my passion of photography and video when I received my first MacBook and iPhone. I quickly enjoyed taking photos and videos and became obsessed with creating a future with the two. 

Over the years, I have moved on to better cameras and currently use a Canon 80D with Canon lenses. 

It is my pleasure to show you my current work. 


Scroll through my site and enjoy!


If you need me as your photographer/videographer, shoot me an e-mail which is located at the bottom of this page!




Email: JimMacPhotography@gmail.com

Social Media

Instagram: @therealjimmac

Twitter: @the_realjimmac


Thanks for submitting!

Mini Shoot

Wear 1 outfit 

We'll shoot in 1 location

You'll get 15 photos

Just $200 


Standard Shoot

Wear 2 outfits

We'll shoot in 2 locations

You'll get 30 photos

Just $300 


Extended Shoot

Wear 3 outfits

We'll shoot in 3 locations

You'll get 45 photos

Just $400 


Thanks for submitting!

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